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Wednesday, May 11, 2011 / 1:50 PM

Lighting a Bathroom Designed for a Woman

Lighting a Bathroom Designed for a Woman

In order to create a bath with a woman in mind, the architect used classic design to create the bathing environment.

The lighting designer took the cue from that design and completed the experience with peaceful relaxing lighting.


Notice that the entire room is illuminated but the lighting is actually coming from hidden, deep-recessed fixtures that provide the overall ambient illumination. Accent lighting was judiciously used to accent the piece of traditional classic Roman bath sculpture. It draws the eye to it and helps set the mood. Also above the tub enclosure, notice the carved classic detail that has been accented with soft light to bring it out.

The pendant fixture is the jewelry of the room—a very romantic, attractive, classic piece. Over all the room illumination design invites relaxation, quiet, and with dimming down of the light levels a very romantic environment.

Quality illumination design can bring out the poetry of a beautifully design interior environment.

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